Had the pleasure of working with hardcore band Ignite for their European tour.  

Currently listening to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Cut Copy for inspiration.


All The World Is Mad.

Just finished up this project with Mad Money Entertainment.

They came to me asking for a vault with the 'MM' and '$' emblems.

Started with illustrating it on paper and brought it into Illustrator.  After working some magic moved it in to Photoshop and finished it off.  

Currently listening to: Atmosphere and Stromae.


Working off V(eye)BES

Had the opportunity to work with a great up and coming artist called V(eye)BES.

I was asked to come up with a sort of emblem which could read with or without type as the same artist and keep a somewhat old school vibe. 

Worked on a number of ideas and finally came up with this little number with interchangeable colors.  Very happy with the end result.  Excited to see what he does with it.  Till then check out the new V(eye)BES full length now on SoundCloud here.

Soundtrack for this design: V(eye)BES, Felt, A Tribe Called Quest.


Things Just Got Weird...

Decided to take some design time to myself away from projects last night and started with pattern in my illustration book.  I ended up bring it into Illustrator and finally Photoshop ending up with this to my left.

Thanks to Caravan Palace for the musical inspiration.

Print available soon on canvas.


Design Is On My Mind...

Lots of design work this week... Keeping up while enjoying the new Foster the People record Torches...

More updates soon!