Try And Hold Steady

I love coffee. 

So much so my hand can never remain at a constant state of rest... this led to the inspiration and thought process behind this next piece.

I decided to bring back my old friend the contour drawing and have the line express the piece... after hours  of scribbling out shadows and shapes this piece came to be. 

I started the early work in Illustrator and finished in Photoshop.  Many designers love doing the entire design in Illustrator but I love my brush settings too much.

After a could of overlays and some play with color this design came to be.  

I will be posting some charcoal works, stencil pieces and digital sketches later this weekend.


Currently listening to Local Natives, The Mars Volta and last but not least Rancid (great show last week!).


Say It Don't Spray It

A rock show eh?  How about an Eagle feeding some baby birdies?  No?  Well I'm pretty sure it works... and indeed it did.

The whole thing was rendered in Photoshop using different brush technique and thousands upon thousands of strokes... then bam a couple of over lay layers... some magic and there you have it.

I wanted to give it a late 80's punk rock feel and feel like it could compete.

Soundtrack for this design included Atmosphere, Them Howling Bones, Strelka, Plague Vendor and Queens of the Stone Age.


I am a little backed up on work and will return your email as soon as I can if you are writing me about a new project.


Breathing New Life

I was recently asked by a client to breath life into a logo their company had been using.  
The original logo(above) was simple and professional. My job would have to be to keep true to the original design while throwing in my own style.

I worked out about nine drafts and after a few revisions the Spectrum Associates redesigned logo had arrived.  I added just a bit of color in the 'Spectrum' to help tie it in to the graphic in the background.  I believe the name stands out well and still keeps a professional look.

Johnny Cash was my soundtrack through most of this redesign.


Darn Space Pandas

Rome Promotions recently approached me with a design idea using bright colors and their 'Party Panda' for a flyer used to distributed at night outside of shows.

After some preliminary sketches I brought my ideas into Illustrator and began working.  Soon the basic idea was complete.  I began working on the color and type in Photoshop with a sort of overlay print effect in the panda body. What came of it is a bright flyer you can't miss anywhere.  

I printed it out and this flyer is perfect for distribution at night.  Party on Panda.

Currently listening while designing: Cults, Incubus and Amy Winehouse (good bye to you but your voice will carry you through the ages).


Dance Party

Just finished Los Angeles based band Lysolgang's album cover and cd layout.  Band originally brought the image in the center in and wanted a retro vibe.  After some work with the image and a few concepts their album cover was born!

Playlist while designing included Atmosphere, The Clash and The Black Keys.