Vintage Cats.

Los Angeles based rock act Lysolgang contacted me for another show poster and I was excited to work on another project with the band.

After being somewhat swamped with corporate work it was nice to take a breather and let my creative side take over.

They were playing Cheetahs and I already knew exactly where I was going with this.  I wanted to take it back and make it sort of a retro poster feel... something you may have been handed on the street in the early 80s.

I drew the cheetah and female body in illustrator and brought the vector image into photoshop for final touched.  After that I looked through my  texture library for distressed film photos to place on top and work some magic.  Added a few half tone layers... worked some more magic and poof... the 11x17 print was born (you can't really see the outside white edge on this).

Soundtrack while creating... Röyksopp, Adele and VAST.


Vectorize This!

Bam!  SIR emailed me asking to work on their logo and presented me with this project.  They wanted to take a low res image and vectorize it.

After spending a brief time in Illustrator I moved on to Photoshop to add my magical touches.  Unfortunately the wrist and part of the first were missing in the original image so those had to added manually.

After a few hours of hard work and countless stokes the work began taking shape.  I think the lighting was one of the toughest things about the project but it turned out great and can be made into any size imaginable.

Currently listening to Felt, Metronomy and Adele.


Remember, Remember....

The fourth of November?  Well ya for this poster it is the forth.
Los Angeles based rock act Lysolgang asked me to design their poster for their upcoming record release...
They were going to use the whole Guy Fawkes theme since the show was originally set for November the 5th.

After some illustration I brought the original concept into Illustrator and started laying out the basic shapes I was going to be working with.  After a few hours I had the basic concept down and now it came time for soft touches.  I brought the vector shape into Photoshop and set to work.

Using my soft brushes I have developed over the last few years and my trusty Wacom tablet(amazing) I painted each line individually until  I had a black and white image I was proud of...

The next step was adding color, texture and finally type of the entire time (properly set of course).  I used a few different textures including a broken camera lens, film, and sand to give the image a dirties look.  Using were layered effect multiply, soft light and color burn.

Last but now least was the type and logo... that is pretty self explanatory so I won't waste your time...  All images on the poster are originals including the Lysolgang logo I had worked on for their record.

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Art Night.

Friday night was exactly what I needed, a few hours well spent with other artists.

For our first monthly art night I decided to dedicate myself to the charcoal medium.  Drawing around other creative individuals seems to recharge by mental batteries, I suggest everyone do it.

I will take more photographs of next months session... I'm thinking oil pastels.


Meow Me.

Brand new poster design for Rome Promotions.  The hot color help the design stand out.

Currently listening to Atmosphere, The (International) Noise Conspiracy and Ambulance LTD.