Local Native.

Happy holidays everyone.  I recently had the privilege to work with jewelry designer Sheva Schuck on the design for the West Native logo and West Native website.

 Ms. Shuck was looking to revamp her existing logo.  She has a strong vision and I was able to bring that concept to life using soft blues and pinks.

The design started by hand and was actually all done within Illustrator.


Work Flow...

This is an example of a logo that under went many revisions before the client was satisfied with the project. 

Originally started in Photoshop I scrapped the original project and started over with a rough draft by hand and eventually completing the design within illustrator.  

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Web Design Now Up

I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!  

I finally had some free time and put up some new web design works.  See them all in the Web Design portion of my portfolio section.  More updates to come over the weekend.


Chk Chk Chk.

I was very excited to receive this project since Chk Chk Chk happens to be one of my favorite artists and I had the privilege of seeing them at Coachella and Outsidelands this year.

The first thing I was told was the design had to be black and white and really pop... something that could be spotted as you drive by it and know instantaneously (if familiar with !!!) that they were coming to town.

I kept a minimalist approach to the poster and of course made it my favorite size (11x17).  The entire design was created in Illustrator.  I added the different lines to help drive the eye towards the information... you will be seeing these all around LA in the coming week and I have to say I am proud to be working with such a great artist.

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How Would You Like Your Graphic Design?

First of all I did not make this.  I did however decide to post it after seeing it because this is very true and made me laugh quite extensively.