Music To My Ears...

I hope the start of summer is treating you well.  I know mine has.

I recently had the pleasure of working with music producer and engineer Mike Sutherland on his brand new blog site.

The blog site is simple and feature most of his works in picture form with the title across when you hover. 

I have been swamped with projects and will have a bunch of brand new illustrations in the coming weeks to display. 


Featured Designer This Week!

Happy Friday! 

What better way to end the week than be featured on the Blur Design Groups website for the 5Friday feature.

Blur asked me five questions and just click below to read the answers.

Click here to read the article on Blur Designs!

Ahead of me is a heavy design weekend filled with two brand new sites, four illustrations and some miscellaneous work.

Currently listening to Modeselektor, Gaslight Anthem and the Silversun Pickups (great album for inspiration).


The Web Is Your Oyster

Hello everyone!

I hope the month of May is treating you well.  I just recently finished two brand new and very different sites.

The first was for Los Angeles Creative Space - The Mime.  Feel free to see it at  The site was a lot of fun to create and still needs a few updates.  It's simple, to the point and leads mostly to the Contact page.  This is necessary so the client leans more towards contacting the Mime for booking.

The second site was a very different project for the Justice for Trayvon Foundation.  The site is simple and to the point, see it at
I also helped create the graphic on the front of the hoodie.

Currently listening to the Silversun Pickups - Neck of the Woods.


Not So Sluggish!

I recently was contracted to work on a logo for the up and coming Sluggish Media.  The company had an idea of the logo and sent me several rough drafts with basic type that they said needed to be circular since it was to be used on their blog and website on the top left hand corner.

I decided to draw out the logo in my sketchbook and play with the slug becoming the branded "S" of Sluggish Media.

After deciding the direction the logo was to head in I brought the rough into Illustrator.  I worked on giving the circular logo a button sort of look as if it were to be pinned on individuals at a meeting.  I wanted the logo to pop from the screen and added several circular gradients to achieve the effect. 

I can't even begin to describe how excited I am for Adobe CS6.

Currently listening to The Rapture, The Black Keys and Refused.


Sites, Social Media & More!

Hello fellow design enthusiasts! 

Work has been busy as of late.  I have started working with the Mime LA on their brand new website as well as two other companies with their social media and marketing campaigns.
The design end has been busy as well, to say the least.  Working on two poster designs, a logo and a few apparel designs in illustrator.

I will have final products for you soon.  Brand new (personal) website also in the works!  March has thus far been an exciting month.

If you haven't already make sure to head to the testimonials section and see all the great reviews including brand new one by fashion make up artist Marine Fleurisson!