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Howl At The Moon.

Another design for Los Angeles based company Rome Promotions.  Rome Promotions contacted me in regards to designing a poster (for print) for the band the Mowgli's.

The band already has a black and white logo with a wolf howling at the moon.  I wanted to take the concept one step further and bring in some color and illustrative aspects to their piece.  

I began with a full page sketch in my notebook of the basic layout and three colors I would use.  Once I had a clear image of where my piece would go I started up Illustrator and begin putting together basic shapes.  I didn't want to commit to a particular style yet but one started to emerge with a few mistakes (as they usually do).  While using the pen tool I slide off the canvas and my image looked is if it were melting... I decided to follow that.  

Once basic shaped were finished I opened the image in Photoshop.  This is where I lay down my strokes from my different brushes I had been developing over the course of my career.  After the image was finished I began working on type.  I didn't want to overwhelm the design with too many different colors.  I used colors that were already down on my canvas for the type and decided to only go with two fonts.

Currently listening to Jeff Buckley, the Mowgli's, and Modeselektor. 

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