Fallen Riviera Billboard on Sunset blvd.

Brand new design for Southern California band Fallen Riviera on Sunset Blvd.

Billboard will be up for the next six to eight weeks.


New Testimonial from Fashion Designer Johanne Beck

"When I met Yannick I had spent a year of frustration, thousands of dollars and still did not have a fully functioning website.

It seams this experience is quite common as I just spoke to a friend of mine that is going trough the same nightmare. Web-design appears to be one of those industries were most consumer are not yet very knowledgeable about the services and products they are 

buying, and there are I feel incredibly fortunate to have found Yannick, my web experience went from a nightmare to a world of exciting designs and solutions. 

With my old web designer everything was difficult and costly even if unbeknownst to me it was only a quick fix. 

With Yannick Yannick the answer is alway "sure no problem let me look into it" , and his solutions are always above my expectations. What I also believe is quite rare with Yannick is that he is very honest in his price quotations, if something takes 15 min he will charge for 15 min and NOT for a days work. If something is time consuming he will let you know upfront. 

I cannot recommend Yannick enough. He is a brilliant graphic and web- designer. 

Always delivers above and beyond my expectations, and most importunely incredibly honest and ethical."


Johanne Beck 


When it rains... I design.


I apologize for the lack of updates lately.  I have been swamped with work and have picked up a lot of new clients including a few major projects.  The fruit of my work should be on display (on my site) in the coming week once clients approve all final products.

The fourth quarter is usually suppose to slow down but this year has only sped up.  The designs I have been working on are coming out beautifully and as soon as I can share them I will. 


3...2...1... We have liftoff...

Updates have been few and far between the last few months due to a huge work load.  To give you an update on what has been happening I decided to blog today...

First of all I was happy to welcome brand new client Legator Guitars to the d'Assignies INTL family.  The guitar company was looking to have a sleek and user friendly site developed.  The project started about a month ago and after numerous changes it was launched last week.  More updates are to come in the next week but feel free to take a look at  Their guitar's are simply amazing and as a musician myself I can appreciate the work they put into every design.

Second, I want to welcome Tiggy Butler to the design family.  World renowned real estate agent and interior designer was looking to have a brand new logo designed, new website launched and brochure for a property.  Website is currently being developed and should launch within the month.  

Finally I have been working with redesigning  The site was looking for a bit of a facelift before launch as well as some simple photo editing.  Site will be launching next week.  Their designs from all around the world are beautiful and I highly recommend taking a look yourself.

That has been just a few of the projects the last few months have entailed as well as a lot working with music, doctors and more.

I will be updating weekly the next few months and posting more on techniques, programs and general design thoughts.



I recently had the pleasure of working with Los Angeles based band Popular Giants. 

The band has contacted me regarding their brand new release.  They had a pretty clear vision of what they wanted to go but were looking for someone to transfer that vision to a digital canvas.

From start to finish the project took a little over three weeks with numerous drafts and changes.  I kept the whole thing to under three different fonts and used the same color treatments on each of the four panels.  The floating panel is actually a composite of five photos and some extras just for the arms and faces.